Friday, November 16, 2018

Exploration without much color

It looks like after a year and a half of absence I have both the time and some inspiration to start posting to my blogs again. Photography for the fun of it. On this blog I like to post in more or less black and white, while on Mrjom's Blog entries will deal with full color photography. I have no problems with (over)editing nor with lack of editing so both styles will show up on these pages.
For starters here are photos of people exploring aspects of nature close to my home.
Cobble Hill Mountain
Cobble Hill hill is a more appropriate term. It's a bit of a mess with as many trees down (windfalls) as there are standing up. Nevertheless it provides for great walks that can be a work out for the lungs as well, and vistas from the top.

In Cowichan Bay 
Of course the sea is always close by and boating comes with exciting views all the time.

Above the Cowichan River
Cowichan, the name for this area, comes from the word Khowutzun, the warm land, and this river is definitely the warmest one in the area.

Skutz Falls (more like furious rapids)
In the 1950s fish ladders, slowly deteriorating now, were built to help the spawning salmon as they make their way up river to their final resting place.

Sombrio Beach (where over the centuries many ships have found a watery grave)
It has some of the most visually exciting tidal pools on the southern end of Vancouver Island. Waves as well as surfers are another part of the landscape. Here are photos of these tidal pools.

In the avatar Grove
The Avatar Grove has recently been developed with trails. It is located above Port Renfrew and holds some of the biggest and gnarliest trees on the island. A blog entry showing a few more trees may be seen here
      Vancouver Island has a rich variety of people, natural scenery, and architecture. This blog will continue showing some of these vistas.