Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Most of Duncan's downtown core was built in the mid to earlier nineteen hundreds and shows history of this town. The old buildings are mostly two stories and lend a very spacious small town feel to Duncan. In 2014 I did a camera walk around the half dozen blocks with stores. The results of this walk can be seen here on Flickr. The old buildings are slowly disappearing. The buildings that bite the dust do so for a variety of reasons. They get replaced by taller buildings but so far I have not seen any that actually beautify the City of Duncan.
In the center of Duncan's downtown area on the corner of Craig Street and Station Street stood an old store building. Some years ago a snowplow drove into the building after which the building was condemned.

The building was eventually removed and replaced with a lawn. Now of course we wonder what will be built here. Replacing buildings one at the time on small building lots must make any overall planning very difficult.

At any rate later this year I like to photograph some of the newer buildings that adorn downtown Duncan's skyline. Of course any development on this here lot will not go unnoticed either and these developments will be part of future blog entries.


  1. We watched this story unfold aghast with horror as another historic building in our beloved city vanished. It's amazing to us how little appetite there appears to be in the world today to preserve buildings of this time and genre, perhaps one day they will only exist in photographs. Thanks for capturing these and posting about this subject, Joseph, this one hits very close to home for us.

    1. Hi Scottie, thanks for your comment. Sorry about being so slow with my reply but I've been out of the running for a while and still am a bit. Photography is the most primitive way of a building's conservation, lol, but that is why we keep on clicking. With luck we leave an archive behind that will be appreciated by some of the future generations. Also of course it is exciting to be able to follow the development of areas such as these over the years.